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My artistic expression and journey began early in my childhood. I was nurtured in an artistic community where the love of "mother nature" was respected and revered. Both parents were passionate and gifted in their own artistic expressions -- my mother, a musician, and my father, a brilliant draftsman and art teacher. It was only natural that both art forms became a way of life and passion for me.

Rhythms, forces and unpredictability in nature play in my field of work as I take my journey and explore. What is so wonderful is that we live in a world that is in constant change and movement. This theme permeates my work -- relying on the elements of nature to push the creative process along, revealing new and surprising creations out of simple elements of color, line, shapes and sounds. Music, with its interplaying of sounds, is also used to inspire. The surprising finished work has more questions and possibilities than completion.

I was trained at The Creative Arts Workshop and the State University of New York at Buffalo, where I received my B.F.A. with an emphasis in painting and printmaking.

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